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Opt-Out of Everything

Opt-Out List

This is our full list of data marketers, brokers, and people search sites.   We work very hard to maintain this list and provide this information to help exercise your privacy rights.  We provide this list for free and encourage everyone to share and continue to spread awareness for everyone’s privacy rights.

If you find any information that is not accurate or no longer working, please contact us.

Know of a site that is not on this list?  Submit it to our list.

Not sure where to get started? Don't have the time to go through the whole opt-out list? Use our Top Out-Out List to get the most data removed with the least amount of effort.

Public Data Brokers specializes in collecting information about individuals from mainly public sources

Private Data Brokers are non-public databases that are not usually offered to the general public. These databases can contain sensitive personal information.

People Search Engines compile data from several sources to identify by minimal information such as a phone number

Data Marketing companies collect data from a variety of information sources. Data such as purchasing habits, demographics and social media are all gather and indexed

Ancestry Records contain databases to connect people by family members or other common data