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ublock origin

uBlock Origin – The Essential Browser Plugin

uBlock Origin is my #1 recommended web browser plugin.  uBlock Origin drastically reduces the amount of tracking and data gathering a website can obtain from you and blocks most ads! 

facial recogintion

Reverse Image Search

Guide Reverse Image Search It is a simple process to perform a reverse image search. Most of the top search engines such as Google and Bing do reverse image searches and some sites that specialize… Read More »Reverse Image Search

Make a list

Data Removal Worksheet

Guide DATA REMOVAL WORKSHEET​ When removing your data from the internet the goal is to remove anything.  The main problem is identifying all the data that is searchable when there are often minor mistakes, outdated… Read More »Data Removal Worksheet

stop junk mail

Opt-Out Junk Mail

Guide Opt Out Junk Mail Unwanted junk mail is not only a nuisance it is also horrible for the environment. Unlike email there is no “spam filter” and no magic “spam folder” to prevent the… Read More »Opt-Out Junk Mail

Freeze credit

Freeze Your Credit

Guide Freeze Your Credit Freezing or locking your credit not only protects you from identity theft but gives you control over your data.  It is extremely easy to do and I encourage everyone to to… Read More »Freeze Your Credit


Top Opt Out Sites

Subproject9 Top Opt Out Sites This is our list of top sites to remove your information from the internet. These sites are some of the top tier and largest providers and collectors of your personal… Read More »Top Opt Out Sites