Here are some information services I suggest you opt-out of for privacy concerns.  I will do my best to keep this updated but these sites change things frequently to make things more difficult to opt-out.  If you see an update or addition that needs to be made, please shoot us an email.



This is a long list and it will take you a while, but its worth it.


Opt-out page:  https://411.info/manage/

Opt-out page:  https://www.addresses.com/optout.php

Address Search
Opt-out page:  https://www.addresssearch.com/remove-info.php

Advanced Background Checks
Opt-out page:  https://www.advancedbackgroundchecks.com/removal

All People
Opt-out page: https://www.advancedbackgroundchecks.com/
(Search for your information and select red “remove information” button)

Opt-out page: https://www.anywho.com
(Search for your information and click “remove listing”)

All Area Codes
Opt-out page:  https://www.allareacodes.com/remove_name.htm

Opt-out page:  https://www.archives.com/optout

Opt-out page:  https://isapps.acxiom.com/optout/optout.aspx

Opt-out page:  https://www.beenverified.com/f/optout/search

Opt-out page:  https://buzzfile.com/Company/Remove

Caller Smart
Opt-out page:  https://www.callersmart.com/opt-out

Check People
Opt-out page:  https://www.checkpeople.com/opt-out

Opt-out page: http://clustrmaps.com/bl/opt-out

Complete Investigations Services
Opt-out page: http://cisnationwide.com/optout.html
(requires faxing information)

Core Logic
Opt-out page UK:  https://www.corelogicsolutions.co.uk/unsubscribe
Opt-Out email UK:  privacy@corelogicsolutions.co.uk
Opt-Out email USA:  privacy@corelogic.com

Opt-out page:  https://cubib.com/optout.php

Opt-out page:  https://www.datacheckinc.com/contact.php
(send request via email)

Opt-out page:  http://www.directmail.com/mail_preference/

D M A Choice
Opt-out page:  https://www.ims-dm.com/cgi/dncc.php

DOB Search
Opt-out page:  https://www.dobsearch.com
(search for your information then click “manage my listings” at bottom)

Email Finder
Opt-out page:  https://www.intelius.com/optout

Family Tree Now
Opt-out page:  https://www.familytreenow.com/optout

Opt-out email:  team@findera.com
(send email request for removal)

Find Local People
Opt-out page: https://www.findlocalpeople.com/people-locator/change-listing.html

Find People Search
Opt-out page:  https://www.findpeoplesearch.com/customerservice/

Free Background Checks
Opt-out page:  http://freebackgroundcheck.us/terms.php
(requires faxing to 1-617-933-9946)

Free Phone Tracer
Opt-out page:  https://www.peoplesmart.com/optout-go

Free Phone Search
Opt-out page:  https://www.phonesearchfree.com/opt-out

Full Name Directory
Opt-out page:  https://golookup.com/support/optout

Haines & Company
Opt-out email:  criscros@haines.com, info@haines.com, custserv@haines.com
(Email with name and address(s) you want removed.  State “Remove info from all databases”)

Opt-out email:  contentfeedback@infogroup.com
(Send an email with “Opt-Out” as the subject with your name and address in the body)

Infopay / Infotracer / EVerify
Opt-out page:  https://members.infotracer.com/customer/terms?tab=privacy
(Fax form to (617) 507-0410)

Opt-out page:  https://www.intelius.com/optout

Instant Check Mate
Opt-out page:  https://www.instantcheckmate.com/opt-out/

John Doe
Opt-out page:  https://johndoe.com/optout_request

Lead Ferret
Opt-out email:  support@leadferret.com

LexisNexis / Accurint
Opt-out page:  https://www.lexisnexis.com/en-us/privacy/for-consumers/opt-out-of-lexisnexis.page?

LexisNexis Direct Marketing
Opt-out page:  https://www.lexisnexis.com/privacy/directmarketingopt-out.aspx

LexisNexis People Locator
Opt-out email:  remove@prod.lexisnexis.com

Locate Family
Opt-out page:  https://www.locatefamily.com/removal.html

Melissa Data
Opt-out email:  optout@melissa.com

Moment Verify
Opt-out email:  support@momentverify.com

Opt-out email:  support@myheritage.com

Opt-out email:  privacy@mylife.com

Neighbor Report
Opt-out page:  https://neighbor.report/remove

Number 2 Name
Opt-out email:  dataoptout@infopay.com

Opt-out link:  https://nuwber.com/removal/link

Old Friends
Opt-out link:  https://old-friends.co

Opt-out email:  panchamithracreators@gmail.com

Opt-out link:  https://peekyou.com/about/contact/optout/

People By Name
Opt-out link:  https://peekyou.com/about/contact/optout/

People By Phone
Opt-out link:  https://www.peoplebyphone.com/removal/

People Finder
Opt-out link:  https://www.peoplefinder.com/optout.php

People Finders
Opt-out link:  https://www.peoplefinders.com/manage

People Looker
Opt-out link:  https://www.peoplelooker.com/f/optout/search

People Lookup
Fax requirements:  https://peoplelookup.com/privacy-policy#security-of-your-information

People Maven
Removal Form:  https://goo.gl/forms/d2gQFkNqXBoblYKP2

People Search Detective
Opt-out link:  https://www.peoplesearchdetective.com/research/change-listing.html

People Search Now
Opt-out link:  https://www.peoplesearchnow.com/opt-out

People Search Site
Search site:  https://www.peoplesearchsite.com
(Removal link embedded in profile)

People Smart
Opt-out link:  https://www.peoplesmart.com/optout-go

People Trace UK
Opt-out link:  https://www.peopletraceuk.com/RequestRecordRemoval.asp

People Wiz
Opt-out link:  https://www.peoplewhiz.com/optout

Opt-out email:  support@persopo.com
(Search for your record and email them the TEXT from your listing with OPT-OUT in the subject)

Phone Addresses
Opt-out link:  https://phone-address.com/
(Find your listing and click the trashcan icon to the right of your listing)

Phone Detective
Opt-out link:  https://www.phonedetective.com/PD.aspx?_act=OptOut

Phone Number Data
Opt-out email:  phonenumberdata@live.com

Phone Owner
Opt-out email:  customer-service@phoneowner.com

Phone Search Free
Opt-out link:  https://www.phonesearchfree.com/opt-out

Find listing:  https://pipl.com
(Email listing to support@pipl.com and mail@pipl.com requesting opt out)

Private Eye
Opt-out link:  https://www.privateeye.com/manage

Public Records
Opt-out link:  https://publicrecords.directory/contact.php

Public Records 360
Opt-out link:  https://www.publicrecords360.com/optout.html

Public Records Search
Opt-out link:  https://secure.publicrecords.com/emailcontact.php

Publishers Clearing House
Opt-out email:  privacychoices@pchmail.com
(Email with name and address.  Ask to be removed from all databases)

Opt-out link:  https://radaris.com/ng/page/removal-officer

Reveal Name
Opt-out link:  https://www.revealname.com/opt_out

Reverse Genie
Opt-out link:  https://members.infotracer.com/customer/terms?tab=optout
(required fax or postal mail)

Reverse Phone Lookup
Opt-out link:  https://www.reversephonelookup.com/remove.php

Sales Spider
Opt-out email:  support@salespider.com
(find information and link to email with OPT OUT in the subject)

Search Bug
Opt-out link:  https://www.searchbug.com
(Find profile and select “delete” in upper right corner)

Spy Dialer
Opt-out link:  https://www.spydialer.com/optout.aspx

Opt-out link:  https://www.spokeo.com/optout

Spy Fly
Opt-out email: support@spyfly.com

Opt-out link:  https://www.spytox.com/block-number

Stud or Dud
Opt-out link:  https://www.studordud.com/Manage

Super Pages
Opt-out link:  https://www.whitepages.com/suppression_requests

Sync Me
Opt-out link:  https://sync.me/optout/

Tenn Help
Opt-out link:  https://www.tennhelp.com/public-resources/change-listing.html

That’s Them
Opt-out link:  https://thatsthem.com/optout

Opt-out email:  CustomerSuport@TLO.com   TLOxp@transunion.com
(Send completed extended opt-out form to each address)

Tower Data
Opt-out link:  https://instantdata.towerdata.com/optout/

True People Search
Opt-out link:  https://www.truepeoplesearch.com/removal

Truth Finder
Opt-out link:  https://www.truthfinder.com/opt-out/

Go to:  http://ufind.name/feedback
Request to Opt Out

USA People Search
Opt-out link:  https://www.usa-people-search.com/manage/

US Identify
Opt-out page:  http://www.usidentify.com/company/privacy.html
(Required postal mail submission)

US Phonebook
Opt-out link:  https://www.usphonebook.com/opt-out

US Search
Opt-out link:  https://www.ussearch.com/privacylock

Valpak / Cox
Opt-out link:  https://www.valpak.com/coupons/show/mailinglistsuppression

Opt-out link:  https://veripages.com/page/contact

Verify Them
Opt-out link:  https://www.verifythem.com/optout

Opt-out link:  https://static.legalsolutions.thomsonreuters.com/static/pdf/opt_out_form.pdf
(Fill out form and return via post mail)

White Pages
Opt-out email:  support@whitepages.com
(Or locate profile, click “Edit”, Create anonymous accout)

White Pages Plus
Opt-out link:  https://whitepages.plus/remove

Opt-out email:  support@whoodle.com

Opt-out email:  privacy@wyty.com
(Send first name, last name and public address)

Opt-out email:  info@yasni.com   support@yasni.com
(Send information with request for removal)

Yellow Pages
Opt-out email:  ypcsupport@yp.com  press@yp.com
(Send address and phone and request removal)

Opt-out email:  info@zabasearch.com   response@zabasearch.com

Opt-out link:  https://www.zoominfo.com/about-zoominfo/privacy-center



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